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In 2006, when I experienced a significant loss in my life, my close family and friends suggested that I go talk to someone.  During our first session, I found Jen easy to talk to, very down to earth and without realizing it I had opened up to her in a way I hadn't been able to with anyone else. In successive sessions, I also learned that Jen wasn't going to do my work for me.  She was simply guiding me through a grief process so that I could heal.

Overall, Jen was instrumental in helping me grieve and heal. She is a compassionate and genuine person who believes in helping people.  With utmost respect and without reservation, I would recommend her as a therapist to anyone.

- Nicole B.


Jen is a natural therapist who is at ease with herself, her practice and her clients.  She is also intuitive, theoretically sound and ethically appropriate. I have observed and discussed cases with her and have been confident and pleased with her assessments, interventions, and approach to therapeutic problems.  I was tremendously pleased with her work for us here at Mitchell College Health and Wellness and am proud to be her colleague in the field.

- Julie Liefeld, MFT, Ph.D.


Jen and I started working together a little over a year ago after the death of my father.  It has been a truly enlightening and empowering experience to work through the multitude of emotions and thoughts that alone would have been overwhelming to tackle.  Jen has helped me to bring perspective into my daily life, to really pay attention to my needs and acknowledge what I am capable of.

- Allison J.

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